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Personal Details


Are you authorized to work in the United States?
Have you been convicted of a felony?
Do have your own reliable vehicle you use for work?
Do you have a smart phone with access to the internet?
A phone with Internet access is needed in order to accept appointments.

Do you currently have all of the products and equipment you would need to clean a variety of homes?
This would include all supplies to clean floors, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, windows, etc. This would also include move and move out cleanings.

How many years experience as a PAID cleaner do you have?
This would include work from employers or while self employed. This does NOT include cleaning for friends or family.

What types of professional cleaning experience do you have?
This includes only cleaning for employers or your own business.

List the names of all house cleaning companies you have worked for.
If you have only worked as self employed, please note that below.

What are you currently doing for money?(other job, social security income, spouse’s income, etc…)

How many professional cleaning appointments you have completed in the last 12 months?
These can be appointments that you completed for an employer or as self employed. This does not include cleaning homes for friends or family.

What is your process for cleaning and mopping floors?
What type of mop do you prefer? What type of cleaning products do you use? How much water do you use?

Do you have a cleaning partner that you work with?Yes, I have a full-time cleaning partnerYes, I have a part-time cleaning partnerNo, I don't have a cleaning partner

How long have you worked with your cleaning partner (if any)?

Do you have business liability insurance?Yes, I have business liability insuranceNo, I do not have business liability insurance

What is the most efficient order of cleaning (from first to last)?

If you get to a customer’s house and they are not answering the door, what would you do?

How long are you looking to accept jobs with The Art Of Clean Agency?

Please feel free to use this space to tell us about yourself, your cleaning experiences, or to ask any questions you might have.